Buying the best baby present should be child’s play

With so much choice online, buying the perfect gift for a friend or family member who has just had a baby has never been easier than it is today. The question instead becomes “what is the best baby gift I can get”? Do I stick with traditional gifts like wooden toys, building blocks, teddies or dolls, or do I go for something with a bit of a modern twist? How about something shop bought versus something home-made? Or even do I buy for the baby or buy for the mother… or do I buy for both? All good questions – hopefully our list below will help you choose the perfect baby or newborn gift for you.

happy smiley baby

- ask anyone who has had a baby what you should get and they’ll tell you clothes… but in a bigger size than newborn. It can be all too easy to get seduced by the cuteness of a newborn baby outfit, but it’s probably better to get 3 – 6 months size as a minimum as the little one will only be a newborn for such a short space of time. Particularly if you’re buying before the baby is born, aim for a slightly bigger size as you never know whether the mini won’t be so small after all!

- personalised gifts are lovely but make sure you get the personalisation right! I know people love receiving personalised onesies and blankets with the birth date on, but make sure to spell that name correctly and don’t get the date wrong! There are so many things you can now get personalised, I’ve seen friends with classics like towels and blankets, but you can get shoes, cuddly toys, wall decorations, bowls and all sorts of other things with your new arrivals name and details on them

- books are a great gift for both mum and baby, and it’s never too early to start your baby on simple books. There are so many baby and newborn books to choose from, from classics must-haves for babies to more interesting, hard to find books. A baby’s sight develops over 6 – 8 months, so as a newborn, little ones really can only see about 12 inches away from their face – go for something with high contrasting images for very young newborns or something interactive with buttons and mirrors for those a little older

- most people will tell you to play it safe, stick to the usual things, everybody likes them, etc, but for some people this does just not compute. Why buy a towel when everyone else is? Surely new mum & dad will have thought of all the toys they want to get for little nipper. If that sounds like you, perhaps you should invest in something from this list - my personal favourite is the gyroscopic bowl (just from experience…) but all of these would be great gifts for new babies or new parents (the baby bean bag comes a close second!)

Instead of buying a gift there’s something else a new parent will maybe even more appreciative of – your time! This could be for anything from cooking a home made meal for them, to giving a new mum a few hours unbroken sleep (so appreciated), to picking something up from the supermarket, whatever really, just to make life that little bit easier. On home made food, I don’t know of a single friend of mine who wasn’t incredibly grateful for something very simple like a lasagna or casserole, something that could be popped in the microwave or oven just for a few minutes but that tasted great.

Finally – not really something for the new love in their life, but go ahead and splash out on a boxset of your most highly recommended dvd or a gift certificate for a TV/ film streaming service like Netflix for the new parents. They won’t be out hitting restaurants or bars for some time to come, and I’m not sure what I’d have done without being able to cram series on Netflix!

Buying gifts for newborns or for new parents really should be child’s play, choose something from this list and you know you’ll be making mum, dad and new arrival very happy!


Things To Consider When Buying Clothes For A Newborn

There are many expectant parents that are so excited at the thought of having a baby that they don’t realize how much there is to learn. One thing many of them have a problem with is buying baby clothes. While this may seem like a simple process, there are a few things you should keep in mind when considering what to buy. Here are some pointers that will make things much easier.

One thing that you should keep in mind is babies grow at a rapid speed. This means that clothes you buy now may not fit a few weeks from now. This is why it is great to buy clothes in a range of sizes. If everything you buy initially is made for a newborn, there will be nothing for them to wear once they start to gain weight. You don’t have to go crazy and buy enough clothes to get them through high school, but you should definitely buy items in one to two sizes larger than they will need in the beginning.

There is a whole fashionable world out there for babies, so do not make the mistake of only purchasing traditional pink or blue clothes. There is nothing wrong with picking up a few pieces in these colors, but it is a good idea to give them a bit of variety. Light green, yellow and purple are just a few of the colors you should consider.

Cost is another thing you want to think about when you are searching for the perfect baby clothes. One thing you should always remember is babies are notorious for making messes. This is a good reason for you to forgo all of the designer apparel and look for things that are more modestly priced. As you were told a bit earlier, babies grow pretty quickly, which is another reason that it does not make sense to spend so much money on clothing for them.

Consider the baby’s comfort before your personal taste. This is a big thing that many new parents have a problem with. They see something cute in the store and they feel like they just have to have it. Many of them don’t stop to think about how the material will feel against the baby’s skin or how this particular outfit may restrict movement. Babies are not able to make clothing choices or vocalize what it is they are feeling at all times, so your job is to do that for them.

Buying clothes for a newborn is not the easiest thing in the world, but it does not have to be the most complicated either. Use what you have learned here to make solid purchase decisions when shopping for your baby.

Best Presents To Give To New Parents

Expecting a child is a fascinating experience for soon to be parents. It can be a time of nervousness and excitement at the same time. Along with the child come events such as baby showers to share the parents’ excitement. When looking to give new parents a quality present that is going to be helpful with the latest addition to their family, you have to understand what they need and want. Let’s take a look at the top three presents you should consider giving new parents.

Being a parent is not an easygoing situation to be in at the best of times. It will take a toll on the parents and this is where massages come in handy. Instead of buying them a toy that will be tossed aside in a few days, buy them a massage package that is going to relieve their aches and pains. You will be surprised what a welcome sight massage related gifts can be for new parents. They want to get away from the newly formed pressures in their lives for a little while and a quality massage is often just the solution they need.

Want to get something for the baby? New outfits are never going to go out of fashion as presents because parents love putting something new on their child every day. Give the parents a great set of outfits that are going to last them a long time and make the baby look even cuter than they already are. Outfits are a proven winner when it comes to presents for new parents. They want to dress their baby well and you can assist them in the process through the purchasing of quality outfits that are based off modern trends and looks.

Why focus only on the baby’s clothing? Let’s move the focus over to what the new parents can wear? You will be surprised as to how welcoming quality clothing gifts are for parents to wear. They want to be able to relax in a nice robe or related attire after a long day with the baby. They just want to get away from the pressures for a little while and wearing a loose-fitting, comfortable option is always going to be adored. Buy the parents a nice, quality robe that can be worn without a care in the world.

There are numerous options out there for gift givers who are having a tough time coming up with a solution that is meaningful. You don’t want to end up giving a gift that is below par and does not help the parents. You want to be unique, while still providing a present that is going to be valued for its usability. The three presents that were suggested in this piece are only a few among a million different options that you can consider. Do not over think the process as the best presents are often those that are bought without hours of research.